Inspiring People and Places

Commercial and Fine Art Portfolio by Kim Zahnow

Sanctuary is a 1/1 NFT photograph I captured the Upper Antelope Canyon of Paige, Arizona. This spiritual Navajo canyon is approximately 60 million years old. Special permission and permit is needed to photograph professionally and use a tripod in the canyon. The colors, design, textures and light beams are extraordinary. The light beam in this photograph lasted for only one minute. In order to capture this beam, I sat on the floor of the canyon under a crevasse in the wall. I used my tripod for the long exposure and set my focal point on what looks like a face in the canyon. Sand was continually raining on me. I felt connected and present in this sacred place. Sanctuary was captured with 11 second exposure, f/11 aperture, and a 14mm focal length. After photographing, I met with the Navajo Nations Tribal Council for official permission to sell.

Community on Fire is a collection of 20 hand painted 1/1 NFT encaustic layers of one painting. This ancient art form dates back to 1st century A.D. by greek painters in Egypt. Encaustic means “to heat or to burn.” Each layer of pigment medium is burned into the next layer. Kim uses a blow torch for this abstract painting to create intricate patterns and designs. Kim created this collection to represent the NFT community and our connection with one another. Each NFT owner is connected to the next by owning one NFT that connects with the next layer to ultimately complete the painting. About Kim Zahnow~ Kim is a professional photographer and encaustic artist of 25 years. Kim is a member of the International Encaustic Organization. “Creating this NFT collection impacted me as an artist. I have not photographed each layer of my paintings before. This process helped me share the beauty I experience in creating encaustic paintings and share the beauty with you.”Kim


This roadmap is my way to share with you ideas and goals I have as a NFT artist. The NFT space has ignited energy and creative ideas that I am excited to put into action. This is a guide for me that is meant to grow and adapt. As a photographer and encaustic painter of 25 years I want to use my story, experience, and growth to elevate other artists and art lovers.

Q1-Connecting and building community in the NFT Community. Active in Twitter Spaces, Dedicating a blog section on my website for educating others on how to create NFTs, Updating my website. -Releasing my Community on Fire Encaustic Collection. Holders will have early access to future collections, surprise air drops, and a private channel on my discord. -Committing to a children’s art education focused program to donate 5% of my primary sales. I am passionate about giving children access to art and creative outlets.

Q2-Reward random holders with NFTS, Prints, Paintings -Buying NFTs from artists and photographers. -Connecting with Moderators to help keep my Community on Fire Discord active when I am traveling. I can have times of interrupted service and want to keep things active. -My world travels begin for photographing small coffee farms, orphanages, schools, and communities. I will be traveling 2 weeks each month. I want to bring the community with me through sharing my journey through Community on Fire Discord, photography, twitter posts, and tik tok. Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Africa, and Vietnam are scheduled. -Attend Veecon. Learn, connect, and network. I will update as my work travel dates may complicate.

Q3-Mini drops of photographs and encaustic paintings. I have so much to share. Expand to additional platforms. -Seeking Collaboration. I am interested in creating with people interested in my art. I believe the patterns and designs of my encaustic paintings can be beautiful for fashion and merchandise.

-Begin painting my imagination/storytelling encaustic collection. My goal is to release this collection in Q4. My goal is to use this collection to create a fine art children’s book. A percentage of funds from this collection will help the physical creation and distribution of the book. My NFT holders will receive gifts from this project. Final sale of some of the physical painting will be made available at a local gallery where 50% of the sales go to J.Petter Gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan. This gallery has been helpful to me along my journey and my hope is this project to bless the gallery as well. They have been with me from the beginning.

Q4-Release the Imagination Collection for the children’s book project. -Begin working on Season 2 Community on Fire. -I would like to start a virtual gallery and host new artists. Learning curve and development. Launch 2023. -Educate my local community and galleries about NFTs. Participate in a Gallery NFT show..possibly host in a gallery. (my town is a art hub)

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