Inspiring People and Places

Commercial and Fine Art Portfolio by Kim Zahnow

“Whether I am photographing in underdeveloped countries, in the photo pit of a rock concert, on location with a commercial shoot, or painting encaustic fine art, my concentrated presence connects with those around me. It is my intention to give visual voice to that which longs to be expressed.”

Kim Zahnow

My initial motivation for studying  photography was my passion for capturing and communicating people’s stories and using my interest in art for good. The opportunity has come for me to live this dream that was growing within me all these years. After a pause during the pandemic, I am blessed to begin photographing again in March 2022 and expand my work with One Bigg Island in Space.  We will have the opportunity to visit numerous coffee farms, orphanages, schools, towns, and enjoy the connections we make with the communities. I invite you to follow our exciting journey with One Bigg Island in Space. Up next..Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Africa, and Vietnam.

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