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Hi, my name is Kim Zahnow. I am a photographer and encaustic artist living in Saugatuck, Michigan. I have over 25 years experience in fine art, portraiture, events, and photojournalism. Photography and painting help me reveal to others the greatness that I see inside of them and the greatness that I experience in the world. This year I am traveling for One Bigg Island in Space. I will be photographing small coffee farms and communities throughout the world. We have a list of over 10 countries in Africa, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Vietnam. We are carefully navigating covid restrictions and political unrest so my travel dates are unpredictable. When I am not traveling, I am photographing, painting, creating NFTs, and mentoring. Please do not hesitate to inquire about my availability.


Winter Lakeshore in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Solace is defined by Webster dictionary as “comfort in grief: alleviation of grief or anxiety.” Daily I am seeking ways to alleviate the grief and anxiety of this moment in our world. Nature is a consistent place of solace for me. Hiking with my camera transports me to a place of peace as nature continues to be the greatest artist and designer I know.

After hours photographing geometric ice formations along the shoreline. (Subscribe to my blog, geometric post is up next) I convinced myself to hike down another bluff. I turned the corner and felt speechless. Ok wait, honestly, I screamed “Holy Shit” then I was speechless. This winter scene made me forget the freezing temperatures, iced water in my boots, and my tired muscles. All I felt was inspiration and the desire to give honor to this beautiful masterpiece.

Oak Tree Roots Frozen in Ice

Roots! Frozen Roots! Amazing. This reminds me of the veins in our own bodies that give us life everyday.

I could not stop. There was magic everywhere. I just knew I had to stay for sunset.

Oak Tree in Lake Michigan

Wherever you are in this pandemic. Get a dose of nature to help keep you going. Create, create, create.